If you’re staying in the surfer’s beach town of Rincon, be sure to get a car rental so you can enjoy the wonderful attractions on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

We’ll begin with the attractions in Rincon, although not a long list, you’ll have full days of exploring beaches, and before dinner enjoy some of the best sunsets on the island. These are the main reasons locals and repeat visitors come to Rincon. Sun, Sand & Surf is what happening in Rincon.

Punta Higuero Lighthouse Park

Lightouse Park, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Bring your camera for some great photo opportunities. During the winter months come watch humpback whales and surfers. The lighthouse park is a great place to watch the sunset if it’s open that late and a nice place for a quick jog.   More about the Rincon lighthouse park.

Beaches of Rincon

Municipality / Town of Rincon, Puerto Rico
From surfing to calm waters, Rincon attracts visitors from all over the world. During the winter months Rincon is the best place in the Caribbean for surfing, on the summer months calm enough for snorkeling and bathing.  Rincon is a great central location on the west, so you have access to many more beaches on the west coast.

 Rincon Surfing Conditions and more…

Rincon Cultural Center

Please come and support this small museum which makes great efforts to support the community arts, they also have workshops throughout the year. Come and learn about the history and culture of Rincon and please leave a donation.

  • Location: Rt. 413 Km 0.2.
  • Tel: 787-823-5120
  • Hours: Please call

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