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No other destination in the Caribbean or under the USA Flag can offer such diversity in natural attractions, entertainment, modern amenities, services and accommodations like Puerto Rico does. Puerto Rico has it all…Great activities for a fun family vacation, romantic destinations for honeymooners, pampering spa resorts, world class golfing, thrill seeker adventures, a city with a vibrant nightlife, great shopping, intriguing history and even secluded uncrowded offshore island escapes.  You can spend years vacationing in Puerto Rico in order to explore all the beauty and wonder this island was blessed with.

Travel to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Travel

With so many daily flights available from major cities in the USA and other major cities, getting here is hassle free.  Puerto Rico is a US territory, making it convenient for US Citizens to have an easy getaway with no passport required.  Puerto Rico is so close yet offers unique attractions and a warm culture offering travelers an out of the ordinary experience.

Visit Happiness

Visit Happiness - Experience Puerto Rico's warm culture and traditions

When it comes to hospitality, you’ll feel right at home with the warmth of the Puerto Rican people who are among the happiest people in the world according to The University of Michigan’s World Values Surveys (WVS). With over 500 festivals during the year, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the island for an unforgettable experience.

Tourism in Puerto Rico

Many travelers that haven’t been to the Caribbean may have the perception that all islands are alike. Puerto Rico is much more than beautiful beaches and great resorts.  Puerto Rico is often referred to as the island of a thousand blessings.  This small island  was unfairly blessed with many natural wonders that would take months to explore.  Choose from many fun and exciting things to do for families and just about any type of traveler.

Beaches of Puerto Rico

Explore the beaches of Puerto Rico

When it comes to beaches Puerto Rico is king on the Caribbean for it’s diversity and great number of choices around the island. Choose from secluded and quiet to Miami style beach scenes to world class surfing beaches with a casual island life vibe.  Puerto Rico has an average of 10 blue flag beaches every year, and a few constantly ranked as some of the best in the world.

Attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Attractions Guide

Puerto Rico offers world class attractions you won’t find anywhere else in the Caribbean and some that are the best on the planet.  Delight walking on the historic 500 year old City of Old San Juan.   Hike a tropical rainforest, kayak the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, swim on the crystal clear waters, explore colorful underwater worlds…and there’s so much more.

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Things to Do

Puerto Rico offers activities for just about every type of traveler.  Families can enjoy a variety of activities your children will be cherish for a lifetime.   There’s a plethora of activities to choose from for nature lovers, adventure seekers, eco travelers, history buffs, golf enthusiasts and more.  If you’re serious about scuba diving, fishing, golfing and surfing, Puerto Rico won’t disappoint.

The Islands of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Islands

Just when you think you’ve explored it all, there are the offshore islands.  Perhaps you didn’t know it (it’s still sort of a secret among travelers), Puerto Rico possesses offshore islands that will transport you to a different era when there are no highrise buildings or crowded scenes. You’ll find untamed natural beauty, peace, serenity and breathtaking locations you’ll have all to yourself.  Just a short flight from San Juan or a scenic ferry ride will take you to the magical islands of Vieques & Culebra.

Palomino Island is the perfect option for travelers wanting to experience a private island with five star resort services.

Head to the west coast and visit the uninhabited island of Isla de Mona also known as “The Galapagos of the Caribbean” where you can enjoy excellent snorkeling, scuba diving and cave exploration. Off the town of Rincon you can schedule a scuba diving or fishing tour to Isla Desecheo where you can dive the underwater walls.

The Parguera Natural Reserve and Gilligan’s Island make wonderful day trips for families and perfect for couples wishing to explore and unwind in an uncrowded place.  Caja de Muertos is a wonderful option for beach and hiking lovers.